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Who are Scleral Contact Lenses best for?

The short answer is everyone. All ages and all types of eyes can do very well with Scleral Contact Lenses.

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Dry Eye Sufferers
Contact lens wearers that experience dryness or discomfort while wearing soft contact lenses are perfect candidates for Scleral Contact Lenses. Scleral Contact Lenses can even be used to treat people with mild to moderate Dry Eye when they don't even need glasses or contact lenses for corrective purposes. Scleral Contact Lenses have an artificial liquid tear layer that sits between the eye and the contact lens while being worn, this hydrates the eye the entire time that the contact lens is worn. Unlike soft contact lenses that dry out throughout the day, Scleral Contact Lenses will maintain its moisture and provide lubrication to the eye.

Contact Lens Dropouts
People who can no longer wear soft contact lenses because of discomfort, dry eye and over wear syndrome usually make great candidates for Scleral Contact Lenses. People usually stop wearing soft contact lenses because long term they can become uncomfortable. Soft contact lens wearers will also find that the vision options become quite limited when they have a high astigmatism or bifocal/multifocal needs. Scleral Contact Lenses are able to correct most high astigmatism and offer great stability for multifocal purposes.

Active Lifestyles
The artificial tear layer that sits between the eye and the Scleral Contact lens creates essentially a perfect surface for the eye. The liquid layer corrects any imperfections on the eye allowing for the wearer to see much better then they otherwise could with glasses or soft contact lenses. Many athletes require the best vision possible to perform in their sport. Scleral lenses are also so stable on the eye that they can provide the wearer with consistent, reliable vision while swimming, running, biking, etc. Even better that the lenses provide a layer which acts as a shield to protect the wearer against environmental hazards caused by many outdoor activities such as wind, dust and debris.

Keratoconus and Irregular Corneas
Scleral Contact Lenses are ideal for people who have irregular shaped eyes. These lenses are also used when fitting a patient that has had a corneal graft or surgical intervention that has left their eye prone to irritation and unable to fully correct their refractive prescription with glasses.

Arthritis or Dexterity Issues
Many people find inserting and removing soft contact lenses to be difficult, especially if suffering with arthritic hands or tremors. Scleral Contact Lenses are inserted and removed using tools which allow for people that usually struggle with soft contact lenses the freedom and ease to insert and remove ScleralLenses without any concern.The great advantage to Scleral Contact Lenses is that the lens centers very well, providing consistent vision. The lens is generally much more comfortable to wear for patients because the lens edges are tucked under the eyelids and the lens stays very stable on the eye while it is worn.

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