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See Your Child Off To School with Good Vision

Most school-based learning is achieved with the use of a child's eyes. Yet interestingly, in spite of this overt link between sight and learning, a lot of people seem to be unaware of this, and as a result, don't get their child's eyes examined regularly. As your kid's vision may change frequently, regular eye and vision care is necessary for success at school.

Kids, it's worth noting, have the impressive ability to work with a vision problem. It is extra important to look out for the signs and symptoms of vision problems as your child progresses through school. Telltale signs may include trouble seeing numbers or letters, watery eyes and frequent eye rubbing, squinting, avoiding small print, and head tilting.

Struggling to meet the visual requirements at school can affect his or her academic growth. New classroom technology, like interactive whiteboards, can even exacerbate less obvious vision problems. Without adequate vision, kids can be at a disadvantage not just at school, but also mentally, physically and emotionally.

If you're the parent of a glasses-wearing child, now is also a good time to consider buying a new pair of frames. If kids don't feel good in their glasses, they probably won't wear them much.

So don't forget to visit us when you're getting your kids prepared for their year. We'll do all we can to help all the children we treat commence the new school year with excellent vision.



Due to the ongoing medical situation, we will be offering URGENT EYE CARE ONLY. We would like patients that are unsure if they have an urgent eye care need to please call our office as we are ready to assist them in coordinating their care.
For anyone that has already ordered glasses, we will be in touch with them to arrange for a private appointment to pick them up or will have them delivered to their home.