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Q&A on Sun Protection

Sun ProtectionQ: What can a person do to protect themselves from sun exposure?

A: Protect exposed body including skin and eyes with sunscreen, clothing, hat and sunglasses. It is fun to soak up the warm sunny days, but did you know that too much sun is bad for you? It is very important especially during the summer months to protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays that come from the sun. Wearing full UV protective quality sunglasses is the easiest way to preserve your eye health and reduce your risk of sun related eye diseases.


Q: What exactly are “ultraviolet rays”?

A: A short wavelength of light that penetrates deep tissue and is known to cause cataracts, macular degeneration and cancer.


Q: How can people protect themselves from the sun’s UV rays?

A: Hat, sunglasses, clothing, sunscreen, umbrella.


Q: Are sunglasses an important part of a sun protection plan?

A: Of course, we should all try to develop good habits of protection, including children.


Q: What type of sunglasses best protect from UV rays?

A: A quality sunglass should have UV 400 protection, this ensures that the lens blocks absolutely all harmful sunlight.


Q: I have heard about blue light being a concern as well.  Can you talk a little bit about this and what it means for protecting your eyes? 

A: There is increasing evidence that blue light which comes after violet light in the spectrum can also contribute to harm and degeneration, particularly macular degeneration.


Q: I’ve heard of getting my skin sunburned, but can your eyes also get sunburned?

A: Yes, this can be very damaging to your eyes, try to always wear sunglasses when outside.


Q: Do darker sunglasses mean better sun protection?

A: No, any lens can be made to block 100% of UV, even a clear lens! A dark tint is necessary for comfort, and to avoid squinting which can cause wrinkles, a polarized lens will cut glare as well to maximize your comfort when in the sun.


Q: Does having a prescription make it harder to get the right sunglasses?

A: The technology for prescription sunglass lenses is constantly improving. These days most sunglasses can be done in prescription, however there are a few limitations with very large lenses and sunglasses with an extreme wrap.




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