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Nikon Lenses

Why not see it with your own two eyes, not just in pictures.


Beach Eye Care offers Nikon lenses to all of our patients.



Leader in the photographic industry, Nikon has been able to perfect the world of digital technology. This legacy has been put at the service of the ophthalmic industry. In every Nikon product there is a lens.

Nikon is the lens company.

Nikon offers lenses and coatings that are made-to-measure, crafted by experts to give you the most natural vision possible. The materials and techniques used are the result of the most sophisticated research being conducted today. The result is lenses that are at the cutting edge of technology.

The Nikon 3-in-1 coating process protects and enhances your lenses while simplifying their maintenance and improving their visual performance.


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Due to the ongoing medical situation, we will be offering URGENT EYE CARE ONLY. We would like patients that are unsure if they have an urgent eye care need to please call our office as we are ready to assist them in coordinating their care.
For anyone that has already ordered glasses, we will be in touch with them to arrange for a private appointment to pick them up or will have them delivered to their home.