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Middle Age and Presbyopia

When you approach middle age, you may begin to develop some problems with reading. But why is this so? With age, the lens of your eye grows less flexible, decreasing your ability to focus on near objects. That, in a nutshell, is presbyopia. And it's universal.

People with untreated presbyopia may hold reading material at arm's length in order to focus properly. Additionally, performing other close-range tasks, like crafts or writing, could also result in eye strain. In order to treat presbyopia, it is comforting to know that there are a few options, which take your eyewear preferences into account.

The thing with reading glasses is that they are generally most efficient for contact lens wearers or for people who don't already wear glasses for issues with distance vision. These are readily available, but it's advised not to buy a pair until you have the advice of your eye care professional. This is because reading glasses may be handy for short periods of reading but they can eventually cause eyestrain with prolonged use. Custom made readers are often a better solution. They can also rectify astigmatism, accommodate prescriptions that vary between the two eyes, and on top of that, the optic centres of the lenses can be customized to suit whoever is wearing them. The reading distance is another detail that can be designed to accommodate your individual needs.

If you would rather not have to wear more than one pair of glasses, consider bifocal or multi-focal corrective lenses, or PALs (progressive addition lenses), which a lot of people find very beneficial. Essentially, these are glasses that have more than one point of focus; the bottom section helps you see nearby objects. Contact lens wearers should speak to their eye care specialist about multifocal contact lenses, or a treatment approach which is called monovision, where you wear one contact lens to correct near sightedness in one eye and another to correct far sightedness in the other eye.

Plan to routinely check and possibly adjust your prescriptions, because your eyes and vision change with age. But it's also important to examine all the options before making choices about your vision; you can be susceptible to presbyopia, even if you've had refractive surgery in the past.

Ask your eye doctor for a helpful perspective. Presbyopia is an inevitability of middle age, but the choices you make regarding it is in your hands.



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