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Keeping Your Eyelids Clean

Are you suffering from inflamed eyelids, also called blepharitis? Blepharitis is a common eyelid inflammation, usually associated with an existing bacterial eye infection, certain kinds of skin conditions, or dry eyes.

Usually, symptoms include itching, burning, redness, the sensation of a foreign body in your eye, tearing and some crustiness in or around the eye. The condition can actually be tricky to deal with, because it's usually chronic.

The good news is that there are numerous options available to handle blepharitis and make sure your eyes stay clean and healthy. Try applying a warm compress to your outer eyelids to help loosen the crust on your eyelids and eyelashes before you clean them. The warmth from the washcloth will also help loosen any clogged residue in the glands that secrete oil to your eyelids. When you begin treatment, you will probably need to remember to do this several times throughout the day for about 5 minutes each time. Afterwards, you may only need to apply the compress for a few minutes, once a day.

Properly cleaning your eyelids is a necessary part of treating blepharitis, so it's best to use a proper eyelid scrub or whatever product your optometrist recommends. Make sure to gently massage your outer eyelids and wash any residue away at the end.

Although it may be uncomfortable, blepharitis isn't catching and in the vast majority of cases, doesn't cause any long-term damage to your eyesight, so have a chat with your O. D. about eyelid hygiene, to keep your lids clean and healthy.



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