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Eye Care Technology


Digital phoropter_autorefractor_eye_examThe Autophoropter, is advanced technology used to measure a patient's glasses prescription, strength of the focusing system, alignment of the eyes and muscle balance between the two eyes.

It allows the doctor to control the entire vision examination process from a keypad on the desktop. The keypad also controls the digital eye chart that the patient views during the vision examination. The keypad electronically sends information to the phoropter head (the part of the machine through which the patient looks while performing the vision examination) to change lenses with a touch of a button. The doctor uses the keypad to perform different tests and make measurements used to come up with a glasses prescription for each patient.



Autorefractor-testingThe auto-refractor is a digital refractor that works much the same way as the old fashioned phoropter. The big difference is that, instead of the doctor manually clicking through, asking you to decide for yourself which lens is best (which is especially hard when the lenses are very nearly the same!), the auto-phoropter is controlled electronically and measurements are done digitally. This not only shortens the amount of time it takes to decide which lenses will provide you your best vision correction (super helpful when trying to get your little one to stop squirming and co-operate with the process!), but also ultimately results in a more accurate eyeglasses or contact lens prescription.


OPTOS Retinal Exam

Optos_being_usedAnnual eye exams are vital to maintaining your vision and overall health. We offer the optomap® Retinal Exam as an important part of our eye exams. The optomap® Retinal Exam produces an image that is as unique as you fingerprint and provides us with a wide view to look at the health of your retina. The retina is the part of your eye that captures the image of what you are looking at, similar to film in a camera.

Many eye problems can develop without you knowing. You may not even notice any change in your sight. But, diseases such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, retinal tears or detachments, and other health problems such as diabetes and high blood pressure can be seen with a thorough exam of the retina.

An optomap® Retinal Exam provides:

  • A scan to show a healthy eye or detect disease.
  • A view of the retina, giving your doctor a more detailed view than he/she can get by other means.
  • The opportunity for you to view and discuss the optomap® image of your eye with your doctor at the time of your exam.
  • A permanent record for your file, which allows us to view your images each year to look for changes.

The optomap® Retinal Exam is fast, easy, and comfortable for all ages.  To have the exam, you simply look into the device one eye at a time and you will see a comfortable flash of light to let you know the image of your retina has been taken. The optomap® image is shown immediately on a computer screen so we can review it with you.

Please schedule your optomap® Retinal Exam today!

Visual Field Testing

visual field testingA visual field test measures how much 'side' vision you have. It is a straightforward test, painless, and does not involve eye drops. Essentially lights are flashed on, and you have to press a button whenever you see the light. Your head is kept still and you have to place your chin on a chin rest. The lights are bright or dim at different stages of the test. Some of the flashes are purely to check you are concentrating.

Each eye is tested separately and the entire test takes 15-45 minutes. Your optometrist may ask only for a driving licence visual field test, which takes 5-10 minutes. If you have just asked for a driving test or the clinic doctor advised you have one, you will be informed of the result by the clinic doctor, in writing, in a few weeks.

Normally the test is carried out by a computerised machine, called a Humphrey. Occasionally the manual test has to be used, a Goldman. For each test you have to look at a central point then press a buzzer each time you see the light.


On-site Optical Lab

On-site Optical LabOur lab stocks hundreds of lenses in-house. In certain cases, we are able to edge your lenses into your existing frame while you wait. This is exceptionally convenient for our patients who are unable to leave their frames behind. Because we have a large stock of lenses in our on-site lab, we can complete our patients’ single vision prescriptions right in our lab. Your new lenses will correctly match your frame, and will be true to the doctors' prescription and quality standards. We take pride in our in-house lab, and make every effort to focus on the details of crafting a beautiful pair of glasses.

At Beach Eye Care Group in Wasaga Beach, ON. we are dedicated to providing our patients the best eye care possible.  We look forward to seeing you at your next appointment.



Due to the ongoing medical situation, we will be offering URGENT EYE CARE ONLY. We would like patients that are unsure if they have an urgent eye care need to please call our office as we are ready to assist them in coordinating their care.
For anyone that has already ordered glasses, we will be in touch with them to arrange for a private appointment to pick them up or will have them delivered to their home.