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Are Smartphones Eye-Safe?

Look around and you're liable to realize that almost everyone is texting, playing on, surfing and even working from their mobile devices. Smart phones, tablets and handheld devices guarantee our access to our friends, family and work wherever we are. However because these devices sport little screens, most users often hold their smartphones a lot closer than they would hold newspapers and books. Reading like this can really be a strain on your vision.

Because people tend to hold smart phones so close, our eyes end up working overtime, just to look at text and images. Eventually, this has been found to cause problems with focus and vision, especially for those who already wear glasses. Specialists say that when such individuals spend significant amounts of time with their phone at a closer than normal distance, the eyes have a rough time correcting for distance. When your eyes work too hard, it generally results in unpleasant headaches or migraines as a result of the eyestrain.

There are other symptoms that can result from these habits, including dry eyes or blurry vision, which can result from staring at your screen for too long, which makes you blink less.

What can we do keep our eyes strong, while still using our phones? In order to lessen these symptoms resulting from the use of our smartphones and tablets, we recommend keeping your phone at a safe distance from your eyes, and enlarge the text, so you can still read it. It's also recommended to try using your phone for less time, and letting your eyes have regular breaks. And after that, if you still experience headaches, you might be far-sighted, and need glasses to fix that. Call us to book an exam, if this is something you're worried about. Being smart about your smartphone will protect your eyes.



Due to the ongoing medical situation, we will be offering URGENT EYE CARE ONLY. We would like patients that are unsure if they have an urgent eye care need to please call our office as we are ready to assist them in coordinating their care.
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