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Why do I need preservative free eye drops?

Man taking eyedropsDry Eye Disease is very common for Canadian’s. Many people both young and old suffer from symptoms that are related to dry eye all four seasons of the year. Some of these symptoms include burning, itchy, watery eyes. Dry eye may also be described as a gritty feeling or feels as if there is sand in one’s eyes.

It is common when you see your optometrist that they will recommend lubricant eye drops to combat any dry eye concerns and symptoms. Often lubricant drops that are offered over the counter at the pharmacy will contain preservatives. These preservatives are meant to allow the liquid to stay un-compromised from pathogens until the expiration date. Often patients will report that they don’t like using their eye drops because they sting or burn when they put them into their eyes, the most likely culprit of this is the preservative.

Preservative-free eye drops will allow you to use your eye drops as many times throughout the day as you would like, whereas preserved eye drops are limited to 3-4 drops per day. Without preservatives, the drops will not elicit the same sting or burn when initially installed like the preserved drops and willinstead provide immediate relief. The preservative-free drops maintain their stable “germ free”environment with the invent of a unique and easy to use delivery system with an anti-bacterial tip whichdisinfects the dropper every time you place the cap back on the bottle. Other benefits of preservative free drops include longer lasting comfort, fewer applications needed to maintain comfort and little to no blurring of the vision.

Preservative free lubricant drops can also be used following cataract and LASIK surgery, with soft, rigid and scleral contact lenses as well as for people that are allergic or sensitive to many solutions as preservative free options will be less prone to allergic and other chemical reactions.If you have further questions about preservative free lubricant drops and which one is best suited for your needs please call our office to schedule a consultation.

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